Gnome - Wayland and Xorg choice Light DM

LightDM shows duplicate choiceLocated atRemove Duplicate Xorg Entry - /usr/share/xsessions/gnome.desktop</

March 11, 2018

Completed Python Beginner Course

I completed my python beginner course from today. Great course to get an overview of the language. Now I can look in

November 12, 2014

Muscle Up

I tried to do muscle up today! It started training for muscle up. Starting with 4 Muscle ups per day, it crushes the upper body for f

July 23, 2014

Zeus and Riddhimaan playing

Round Fun Fight!

June 1, 2014

Amby 360

Amby 360 - Cover Image

One of the first few Amby shining like brand new car even today!

May 28, 2014

Zeus and Theia

Zeus and Theia - Cover Image

Zeus the American Pitbull Terrier:

May 8, 2014

Vintage Car Rally

Vintage Car Rally - Cover Image

My uncle’s car participated the VCCCI rally: My name is in Zigwheels

March 15, 2014

Testing Macro Photography

Testing Macro Photography - Cover Image

Following photographs are taken with the help of : Nikkon D5100

March 14, 2014

Dream team

February 26, 2014

Zeus on Facebook

Zeus’ Facebook Page

November 14, 2013

Root and CWM for Karbonn Smart A26

The Phone is smooth budget phone comparable with experience of S2+ with JB 4.1.1,It lacks 3G

October 21, 2013

Local Green Vegetables

Local Green Vegetables - Cover Image

Generally available free, grows freely!

August 18, 2013

The Missing Shade of Blue

The Missing Shade of Blue - Cover Image

It’s past 4:20 and I stumbled upon the “

July 11, 2013